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The Dragon Princess - E.D. Baker Not as much fun as the Frog Princess, but this continuation of the series, focusing on the troubles of Millie, Emma and Eadric's daughter, is still very enjoyable. Fans of the series will enjoy, as will many new ones.

As a result of Emma spending so much time as a dragon, Millie is born with the ability to become a dragon as well. Only she cannot control the change. Whenever she gets very angry she switches, and only once she has calmed down again can she change back into her human form. This of course causes all sorts of problems and so Millie sets out, with her friends Francis and Zoe in tow, to visit the Blue Witch to see if she can help Millie with her problem.

Dragons, snowmen, and irksome trolls plague them on their journey and the ending paves the way for the next book, Dragon Kiss. Looking forward to reading it.