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For Us, the Living: A Comedy of Customs - Robert A. Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Robert      James I did not particularly care for this book, but that was in great part due to the fact that I was expecting a story and instead found myself with a thinly veiled series of Utopian lectures under the guise of a work of fiction. You might admire his ideas or disagree with his opinions and theories vehemently, but regardless, this type of writing does not a good story make. And I wanted a story.

He is extremely anti-organized religion. His views on sexual relations, monogamy, marriage and the permanency of that and other human relationships, etc., are truly "modern" and although Heinlein was writing of a futaristic Utopian world as he envisioned it to be, how far off is her really? In 1939 these ideas would have been widely considered radical and unthinkable. They were but Heinlein's yearnings for a future that he thought would be made better by such attitudes and mores, and they have for the most part come to fruition. And now that so many of them are accepted in our society, are we any the better for it? Has this vaunted Utopia come? Or have things perchance gotten worse?