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Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia - Brandon Sanderson Book three of five

In this middle middle volume of the planned five-book series, Alcatraz deals with fame and its troubling effects, continues to attempt to persuade the reader that he really is a failure and a bad person, a betrayer of friends, a destroyer of worlds, cursed with the Dark Talent.

After a crash landing at Keep Smedry in Nalhalla, Bastille is suspended from the Knighthood, which turns her sort of zombie-like for a while, despite Alcatraz and Grandpa's best efforts to mitigate the sentence and argue in her defense. Alcatraz's dad is ignoring him utterly, Alcatraz is immensely enjoying his popularity and status, failing to see the flattery and attention for what it really is. There is a summit being held between the king and his council and Librarian ambassadors to negotiate a cessation of hostilities in exchange for Mokia. Grandpa tries to stop the treaty from being ratified while Alcatraz tries to foil his mother Shasta's plan to break into the Royal Archives (Not a Library!). She is trying to steal a rare book in the forgotten, ancient language that explains where the Smedry talents come from and this being the middle volume, Alcatraz fails. And then his dad claims that he has discovered a way to give everyone powers. Because you just know how well (read awful) that will go.

Another wonderful installment in one of the most amusing series around. Cannot wait for number four!