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Dreaming Anastasia - Joy Preble The plot sounded a lot more interesting than the story itself ended up being.

The prose itself I would put at three stars on average, with moments of flair and feeling, and sometimes sub-par quality when it dissolves into little more than oohing and awwing over Ethan or some very repetitive and tiresome thoughts on Ethan's part. Ultimately I failed to see the point.

So, Anne is the great, great-granddaughter of Anastasia's illegitimate half-brother and has a destiny to free Anastasia from her imprisonment at the unwilling hands of Baba Yaga. Ethan was a naive, starry-eyed member of this Brotherhood sworn to protect the Romonovs (bang up job there, brothers)and he has been kept immortal ever since Anastasia was taken and saved from the massacre at Ekaterinaberg in order to find Anne and help her save Anastasia. Fine as far as that goes except our villain is woefully underdeveloped and so his choices are next to meaningless, and the magic integrated is more plot device than anything else. There is no order and system, yet nor does it have the same effortless quality of the power of fairytale magic. It requires more explanation than is forthcoming. Anastasia's diary entries were the most interesting aspect and even the difficult type font used added to the idea of it being real and having to decipher someone's penmanship. But ultimately Anastasia dies and the whole book seems hardly worth the telling with the way the ending is given to us. Yes, Anne (and her mother) has learned the truth about their family history, and one might say Ethan has been freed and maybe Victor has been redeemed (though with scarcely any development to back his choices up - one second "I'm going to kill you all", next "Take me instead." And even then how selfless was that given he wanted immortality?)But Anastasia is still dead and overall I just did not enjoy the story. Not particularly memorable.