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Cryptid Hunters - Roland Smith 3.5 stars

Great action, thoroughly believable and enjoyable characters and an interesting plot with enough mystery and drama to provide the framework for a series.

Marty and Grace, who have grown up as brother and sister, twins, are attending an elite private school when they receive the news that their parents have gone missing while on a photography/ journalism assignment in South America.

Then their Uncle Travis, whom they had never even heard of before, removes them from their school and brings them to his private island. Before long, Marty and Grace are tumbling out of a plane above South America and trying to survive until they can be rescued by Travis and his men. Along the way, they discover a living dinosaur, and the fact that Grace is Travis' daughter and Marty's cousin. And Noah Blackwood, Grace's maternal grandmother, a creepily suave man, is desperate to possess not only the dinosaur, but Grace as well.

The relationships were what drew me to the story after reading the sequel first by accident. Just what Noah's goals are, his experiments on endangered species and why Rose, Grace's mom, was so desperate to get away from him and keep her own daughter away from him, as well as the mysterious manuscript that Rose had in her possession have still not been explained, even in the sequel Tentacles, but Smith intends at least one more book in the series, which I very much hope will solve these riddles and bring a happy resolution to Marty and Grace's troubles. Also, Grace seems to have some unique abilities, her dreams and intuitions, and I would like to see that be explored more indepth!

Again, very fun read, for both boys and girls (and there are fewer books than you would think that both can like equally)and really looking forward to that third book!