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The Shifter - Janice Hardy Nya is a fifteen year old girl from a family of Healers, individuals with the ability to take another's pain and pour it into a rare and precious type of stone, pynvium. But Nya's gift is flawed - she can take away the pain, but cannot push it into the pynvium, but only into another person. This curse which prevents her from ever working as a proper Healer, like her Mother and Grandmother and now her sister, Tali, also makes her a target for unscrupulous men.

Political intrigue, government corruption, and betrayals are rife in this debut offering, but the politics are sketchy and ill-defined, and I found myself puzzled by some of the motivations of the factions. Also, apart from Nya, Tali and their dancing friend, not a whole lot of the characters stood out for me. Still, the new take on healing is very original and I look forward to seeing where this series goes.