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The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Elizabeth George Speare I really liked it. Very sparse, as all too many books were then, and quite reminiscent of Downright Dencey, even though that deals with a Quaker settlement and a girl already born into that society.

Kit, or Mistress Katherine Tyler, grew up in the care of her wealthy and loving grandfather in Barbados and lived a life very different from that of most young women of the time. She learnt to read and write, to swim and she lived a life of luxury and ease. After her grandfather's death, and to escape an unwanted marriage, Kit travels alone to the New World colony of Connecticut to stay with her only living relations, her mother's sister and her family. Little does Kit realize where she is headed. The Puritans are a harsh and solemn people, who brook no dissent nor deviation from what they consider to be right. (We didn't get the word puritanical for nothing.) And Kit is by no means meant for a Puritan way of life; by birth, by her upbringing and by her spirit. She is unfit and unprepared for their narrow view of life, their rules and regulations and their suspicious nature and intolerance of others. She crosses a line when she swims back to save a child's toy and is accused of witchcraft. Her unannounced arrival and her vast gulf in culture and personality quickly sets Kit apart and at odds. Only Hannah Tupper, an old widowed Quaker living on the edge of Blackbird Pond, helps Kit to get along with her family and learn to be at peace. But when illness strikes their village and a mob forms to go after Hannah, who has been accused of using witchcraft against the townsfolk, Kit is swept up in their net by association of her friendship with Hannah and in helping Hannah to escape the mob only sets herself to be taken in her stead to stand trial for witchcraft.


It is such a good plot and plenty of good characters that I just wish it had been fleshed out. I feel as if I have but the merest shadow of the full story before me. Alas.

I could also have wished for more interaction between Nat and Kit, a more lengthy and exciting trial scene, and I really wanted Kit to give William more of a dressing down for not doing ANYTHING when she was arrested for witchcraft. "Oh, hello William. You still want me to marry you after you did nothing when I could have been killed? Nat risked bodily injury to save me and you could not even be bothered to risk some humiliation or loss of reputation? But you still want to marry me?! Please tell me you are joking. No? Okay, well, you clearly need help. Maybe Judith could point out where your reasoning went all to hell. If you'll excuse me, I need to go find the man I really love and who actually cares about me. Oh, Nat, where are you?" Y'know or something along those lines. She was way to easy on him. The cretin. But other than that, good read!