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Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2) - Lesley Livingston 3.5 stars

This middle child in Livingston's Wondrous Strange trilogy suffers a bit from lack of forward plot progression and very little action of consequence occurring, but I still enjoyed it and I felt everyone was still very much themselves, though the romance between Sonny and Kelley felt less authentic this time around and I was cringing at the hints of a possible love triangle involving Sonny, Kelley and the Wolf. Gah. That is the last possible thing this series needs. Tyff should have him, if he even needs to have someone... But Bob, Jack and Tyff, and Maddox, loved them as much as before. Kelley was a touch annoying, but I was liking her again by the last third. The revelation about Sonny was a surprise. Also, when he lost control when he thought Kelley was dead, it was too sudden. Did not seem to fit. Also, what else was there about Kelley's charm? There has to be a bit more if the Wee Green Men wanted it so badly. And the Wee Green Men? They are working for Titania, if I do not miss my guess, who is making a bid to take over both Realms. I am still unsure if she has aught to do with Auberon's ailing health, which I personally think was a result of his taking Kelley's power. I am considering Mabh as the possible mastermind behind all of this, but remain still solidly betting on Titania.

Poor Sonny. Thinks Kelley doesn't love him. And how on earth is he supposed to really believe her when she suddenly decides/ reveals to him that she really does love him? Anyway, very eager to see how the story will end!