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Radiant Darkness - Emily Whitman Three stars is a bit too high for this story (it is really more a 2.5), but it was nice to see someone tackle the Greek myths, but keep the setting in Ancient/ mythic times and simply take the classic myth, but turn it around. For that alone, it should have gotten four stars, but she did not do as satisfying a job of retelling the story and not modernizing it beyond any semblance of its origins. Some of the dialogue and attitudes were quite modern.

But... (Yes, that dreaded but.) I liked Persephone and I felt that apart from being immature and a little clueless, she had her heart in the right place and I could sympathize with her plight. But not her love for Hades. Sure, we know that she loves him. And he supposedly really loves her. But that is not the feeling I ever got from what I saw of Hades. I never felt that his love was real, even seeing him from Persephone's perspective and that just totally ruined that aspect of the story for me. I got a glimmer of feeling from him at the very end, but other than that? Nada. Zip. So, it lacked that certain quality of excitement and emotional depth between them that would have rounded the story out. Persephone's other relationships, with her mother Demeter (and how that changes and grows), the other gods, like Hermes, and the shades, such as Melita, and even herself and coming into her own powers, were all fine, enough that I liked it.

(But in that two-star rating system of mine way where I'll recommend it to others but am not actually that likely to reread it.)