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Changeless - Gail Carriger A decent middle book in a trilogy. Still fun, with some adventure and mystery dashed about, but little accomplished on the whole. We still do not know:
1) What vampires consider worse than preternaturals.

2) Who tried to poison Alexia & who stole her journal.

3) How Alexia is pregnant, though the answer seems quite obvious. Is everyone there imbecilic? First off, Connall is human when Alexia touches him, and secondly, while under the effects of the preternatual mummy, he grew hair, did not heal, was mortal/ That does not sound like a "dead" person. Sounds fairly alive to me. Which does not make it too difficult to imagine how Alexia is now expecting. That is just me, and Carriger may choose a different tack, but it makes sense.

So, now Alexia is possibly of a great deal more use dead, esp. if the vampires received Angelique's communique. Connall hates his wife because he thinks she was unfaithful, and Alexia has gone to stay with her parents.

I saw the twists coming. All of them. Still, Very much looking forward to how things are resolved in Blameless

I did like the cover except for the fact that the lady's face looks nothing like what I imagine Alexia to look like!

Content advisory: Due to sexual content and innuendo, recommended for mature readers.Don't miss part beginning,Soulless,nor the conclusion this fall:Blameless