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Evermore - Alyson Noel Ugh. Pretty well sums up how I felt about this book. Not very original. It is a Twilightesque book that manages to cover all the mistakes of that book and never even once hits a good note.

The plot makes little sense. Girl dies. Comes back. Is psychic, can read minds and see auras and hates her life because she blames herself for her family's death in the car crash that very nearly killed her. Can also see ghosts. Is considered freak at school for the way that she acts and dresses, mainly all because she is trying to block out all the psychic crap. Friends with two other misfits, who as characters were not developed in any meaningful way. Enter Damen, an Immortal creep whom Ever (the girl)instantly develops feelings for and Damen in turn toys with her on and off for weeks.And, oddly, he is the only person whose thoughts she cannot hear. Oh, my! Where have we heard that before? She loves him, she loves him not, she loves him, etc. Enter the whole past lives thing, and it would appear that Damen has been chasing Ever (or some incarnation of Ever) down the centuries, only to have her killed off time and time again. Little does he realize that Ever is always being killed by his ex-wife, Drina Poverina. Big showdown and in some very deux ex machina way Ever manages to kill Drina by hitting her in the chakra that relates to Drina's distinct lack of love. Whatever.

There is a subplot to do with Riley, Ever's younger sister, who needs to move on to be with their parents and dog in "a better place".

At end, Damen and Ever have declared their love for each other and honestly, I could not have cared less. I lost interest in these characters once, at about chapter five (I know, I should have seen it earlier), when I realized that neither of them have any depth as characters.

I do not recommend it at all.