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Spell Hunter - R.J. Anderson This book was a charming delight! The Faery culture that Anderson has created was unlike anything that I had encountered and exploring it with Knife as she seeks the truth about the Sundering that stole her people’s magic and the plague that is now slowly but inexorably killing them was just the sort of adventure I wanted.

The Faery society is foreign. The niceties and emotions we take for granted are unknown to them. They lack creativity. They have no understanding of such concepts as love, friendship or even “Thank You.” Everything is a bargain to them – they do nothing out of kindness or altruism. Stagnant and moribund, the Faery people lose more and more of what knowledge and craft that they still retain with every faery that succumbs to the Silence and there are no new lives to replace those lost to the sickness.

But Byrony, a new faery, is filled with curiosity and a desire to understand how her fellow faeries have come to such dire straits, to see if things can be reversed. Bold and a bit reckless, inquisitive and intelligent, Byrony, not without her share of misadventures growing up, is chosen as the next Queen’s Hunter and so becomes Knife. She is the protector of her people and a fierce fighter. It is in this capacity that she meets Paul, a human. The meeting of faery and human, their unlikely connection to each other, and the dramatic and irrevocable changes that it creates in their lives is at the heart of the story.

The mystery surrounding the Faery folk and their history is revealed piece by piece and the reader must wait to learn the facts as Knife does. And we still do not have the full story, but since there are at least three more volumes in the series, that is not surprising. And I very eagerly anticipate reading those stories, with Wayfarer out in May, 2010. In the UK it is already available under the title REBEL.

Also, I had the opportunity to interview Rebecca: http://thebluecastle.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/interview-with-r-j-anderson/