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A Spy in the House - Y.S. Lee Pros: Interesting characters, enjoyable banter and dialogue between Mary and James (looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops over the course of the series), a very authentic setting, and some timely reminders about the era that are far too often glossed over in other books set in the same time period. Life was hard, it could often be cruel and brutal, ugly and it was gritty and vicious as could be in London then. You get the full effect of this here.

Cons:The mystery seemed forced and not as clever as I had been hoping. I figured it out early, more through guessing than because it was set up that way. Much of the information was revealed in the scene unveiling the villain, rather than being a part of the story to have been worked out over the course of the narrative. I prefer getting the clues along the way, than them being held back in such a fashion. Feels rather like cheating. Also, the information about Mary's heritage seemed just like it was shoved in there because a better spot could not be found for it. I am interested to see what comes of it, but I did not care for how it was revealed. Finally, every once in a while the characterization did not feel genuine to me. Only occasionally, but enough to throw me off.

Nonetheless, I will definitely be picking up The Body at the Tower when it comes out later this summer, August 2010.