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White Cat - Holly Black Welllll, I liked it and at other times I did not. I liked the premise, the alternate world of outlawed magic and the criminal practitioners of their supernatural gift known as "curse workers" and the teenage boy Cassel Sharpe who is caught up in this crazy world having been born a normal boy in a family chock full of workers and scammers and conmen (and one very psychotic conwoman). It was new and interesting. I liked that as the plot progressed I realized, along with Cassel, just how wrong my initial impressions had been. The scary feeling of not having your own memories. Of family betrayals. (Though by page 100 I knew Cassel was a/the transformation worker - obvious.)All great things and much enjoyed.

I hated Lila. She was a selfish, horrid excuse for a person, well on her way to joining the likes of Phillip and Anton before her unfortunate stint as a feline. I did not see any pleasant qualities to her personality that account for Cassel's crush on her nor his "love" for her. And thus my respect for Cassel dropped some. The fact that she is such a bossy thing and that he, as we are told more than once, "likes it" causes some more esteem to go shooting off into the ether. Cassel's family were, barring his grandad, cretins. Phillip, Baron, and especially the nutjob matriarch of the family, can all rot. Long term, not sure how effective they will be as leverage over Cassel.

So, I'll definitely be sticking around for the next book, but it will need to be something a cut above this one to keep me around for the third.

Content: Murder, assassination, fraternal beating, other crime related activities, sexual content.