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Black Heart of Jamaica (Cat Royal) - Julia Golding 3.5 stars

This fifth volume in the nine book series picks up not long after where the fourth stops, with Cat still visiting Johnny and Lizzy in America. Trying to decide where her calling is in life and determined to make her own way, she and Pedro embark on a voyage to the Caribbean with an acting company. Cat is engaged as an actress with them and Pedro as a musician. Of course, since Cat is involved, nothing goes smoothly. Once they reach Jamaica, Pedro is not allowed to disembark because of the slave rebellion on the neighboring island. Billy shows up yet again to wreak random havoc and to my great dismay Cat seems to have some lingering romantic notions regarding him. Stupid, Cat! He is such a scummy person and I do not understand why Cat acts like a twitbrain around him. Pedro is golden here, though. It was great to see Cat actually struggle a bit more in this volume, not always immediately getting things right or handling it perfectly, especially the situation with Jenny. And I liked that we did not have any new suitors, as Cat has far too many already. It was nice to see her adeptness as an actress, her coming to a realization about Pedro and the slave trade/ rebellion. Anyone that has enjoyed the series will want to read this book. Very much looking forward to volume six,[b:Cat's Cradle|4455195|Cat's Cradle (Cat Royal, Book 6)|Julia Golding|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51WyYT2ln%2BL._SL75_.jpg|4503442], due out next year.

"When my task here is done, I'll come find you," Pedro promised, his voice hoarse.

He had better. He is one of my favorite characters and I really want to see him again. Also, he and Cat are two orphans that chose to become family and I want to keep that and see how it plays out. Ooh, and does Cat's malaria ever come back and cause problems?