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Life Without Friends - Ellen Emerson White 2.5 stars

The characters were likable, believable and it was an easy read, with no unnecessary subplots. It was interesting to take a character like Beverley, whom we are predisposed to despise given her actions, yet Beverley already hates herself and that gives us this moment of empathy with her and then I was interested to see what would happen to her. It was such a relief to see her contemplating suicide (though she knew she would never follow through b/c that was for cowards), so filled with despair and self-hate, and then see Beverley change her life, esp. through knowing Derek.

My biggest drawback while reading was Derek's manner of speech. All the "yo"s and "like"s, over and over. He also spoke like he was from the South. Why? It seemed utterly out of place.

The parents, as well as why Beverley was running with that crowd and what she did, do not get off scott free, but I thought maybe a little something more was in order. I would have liked to have seen Beverley do more to make up for her failure before...

Worth a read, if only for the handling of one person's journey back to Life.