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Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins 2.5 stars

A very quick read, with a cliff-hanger ending that ensures that I'll be skipping the next book since this debut lacked that "I cannot put this down and I am going to stay up until 4 am to finish this" factor. (Very few books have had that of late.) And did not have the plot or characters to make me believe that a sequel is going to improve matters.

Sophie Mercer, half-human and half-witch, has been raised by her human mother without any face-to-face contact with her warlock father. But her magic continually goes awry, exposing her powers, and thus she is sentenced to live at Hecate Hall, a reform school for wayward Prodigium, until she turns 18. Upon arrival, she makes enemies of the three most popular girls, gets a crush on the most handsome boy on campus and gets stuck rooming with the outcast, a vampire named Jenna. Jenna was accused of murdering her last roommate and when girls start dying again, it is up to Sophie to solve the murders before Jenna is forced to take the blame.


It turns out that Sophie is actually a quarter demon and thus is extremely dangerous. Also, her crush Archer is a member of the L'Occhio de Dio (The Eyes of God), an arcane order dedicated to eradicating the Prodigium race from the face of the world, so, yeah, that relationship does not look promising, esp. since he has rejoined his fellow assassins. At book's end, Sophie, after realizing that her demon heritage is dangerous to everyone around her, decides to undergo the Removal, a practice that would erase all magic from her and one that few who choose to undergo, survive. So, yeah, I am sort of interested in seeing what happens, but I was not "wowed" by this story either. It is quite short and apart from finding the killer/ discovering her family history, very little takes place. The characterization was light, and mostly consists of characters being too stupid or willfully blind for their own good, as well as mooning over the object of their affection (as if we have not had enough of that of late) and the world-building not overly abundant. It is yet another book that if the plot was tightened would serve as a solid, enjoyable stand-alone, but strung out over a series just seems weak and ineffective, with these useless little episodic installments that feel so contrived. Unless I hear glowing reviews, I won't be picking up the sequel, but I will check Rebel Belle to see if that story fares better...