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Alex O'Donnell And The 40 Cyberthieves - Regina Doman Months after it came out this summer, I finally was able to read Regina Doman's latest volume in her modern fairytales retold series. This one retells the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and is the first story that draws from a source other than the Grimm Brothers. For the record, I would love to see more fairytale retellings from Regina, especially some that are less known.

Kateri Kovach, lifelong friend of the Brier sisters, has graduated college and is looking for a job. She is also trying to determine where her relationship with Alex O'Donnell should go. She likes Alex, but thinks he is immature and irresponsible and frankly, that they could not make it together. However, at Alex's insistence, she comes to visit him and his family in Virginia.

Alex finds himself in the post-collegiate portion of his life, searching for direction and gainful employment, all while trying to convince Kateri that he loves her and she loves him. And then his sometime-hacker father begins to act a bit suspicious, million dollar checks appear on their doorstep and before you know it, there are deaths, refurbished hotels, and FBI to deal with, not to mention the elite cyber criminals who would like their money back.

It was a short, brisk read, with each chapter heading containing a quote from the original tale, all of which were integrated into the story quite well. I liked the characters, though I lacked that affection and connection I have to the Briers and Dennistons. I liked seeing how Kateri and Alex grew closer together and worked out their issues, and I guess my only complaint is that I was not ever surprised by anything that happened and so was less interested in this volume. I still enjoy Regina's style and would recommend this book.

Also, it was fantastic to see Fish and Rose, however briefly, and hear that Blanche had a girl! What is her name?