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This second book in The Devouring series is faster paced, gives more information, but ends even more abruptly, leaving you faced with a very long wait to discover what happens to Regina and her family. And with a book as tense as this, that is not at all enjoyable and for me that makes it a difficult book to read. I would definitely want to have all the books in the series available before I started them, but they have both been very quick reads. Despite the over-the-top horror scenes, the language (apart from several swear words) has been very mild for a modern upper end YA novel, which has been a pleasant change.

The characters are good, but I wish that we actually got to know them better. Henry, Regina and Aaron are a little too distant from the reader and I would like some more small, intimate details that allowed us to really know them and not merely their fears. That said, the relationships between that core trio are the one thing that intrigued me about the first book (since horror is not my genre at all), and that continued through this installment, though this time around I was also trying to figure out what will happen and just what exactly they are up against.

"There is something special about you, my dear. To have ingested that poison and not been driven completely insane - I don't know how you did it, but I know that it makes you the key. Your ability to pass through dimensions whenever you choose - its remarkable. The Vours have been trying to do it for years. Now you will show us how."

And that is pretty much what this story is about. Regina has somehow managed to do what no one else ever has: defeated a Vour and gained access to their dimension. And the Vours want whatever ability it is that she has so that they can cross between their world and our's without restriction. They have been confined to crossing over on but one night a year, Sorry Night, but they are hoping to change all that. And they will do everything possible to figure out what it is.

At the end, Eben has seemingly died, Aaron is dropping Quinn off in Boston, and Regina has just been committed to a psychiatric institution by her father. (Which means the Vours probably have control of her.)And it is a whole year's wait for the next book.