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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy 3.5 - 4 stars

Well, first, a huge "Thank You" is in order to Angie of Angieville. Yet another amazing recommendation!

It was a bit dense at times, with less flowing transitions and characterization than I would like to see, but as a debut effort I feel that there is so much room to improve and she has a solidly enjoyable story here. Fairly tech-heavy, with lots of terms being dropped and little time explaining what those terms are - you get dropped into this world, immersed with the characters, which in this case I felt helped me believe in the story more than if every other sentence was spent explaining how each little thing worked or what it meant.

I liked the characters a lot. I liked that her two leads did not fall all over each other immediately. There is still room to grow in that relationship and it is based on trust rather than base attraction (as seems the norm). There is still so much to learn about them both. The plot device that brings them together may sound contrived, but it is made believable and genuine within this world and this narrative. And as such, it allows Edie's personality to be conveyed to the reader, even as Edie herself searches for an identity and purpose beyond that dictated to her by her universe's totalitarian government.

Despised and mistreated as a child by a people who refused to claim her because of her tainted bloodline, then removed to the care of the Crib government and exploited for her extraordinary talent with biocyph technology, Edie is effectively indentured in servitude to the Crib for their raising and training her. They force her to terraform new worlds and Edie has some ethical concerns regarding that. She has been given very little room to express personal individuality. She had no chance to be herself in her role as a tool of the Crib. Yet she still retains a fierce defiant streak, which compels her to sabotage the mission to Scarabaeus in order to preserve the beauty of this wild, untouched world rather than destroy it for use of the Crib. But something changed and the biocyph evolves on its own into something unprecedented and astounding due to Edie.

From the first moment, Edie craves the freedom to make her own choices. When that freedom is offered, she wants to use it to make a difference, to help the Fringers, even at risk to herself. And she is honorable - she is immediately concerned for Finn - this complete stranger whom they have tied to her. She wants his freedom, his rights restored, before she ever comes to know him. I look forward to how they develop her character and explore these traits.

Finn is a good person, giving up his chance at freedom to help others. He is a solid male lead, even though we still don't know all that much about him. I hope to see him more developed in Children of Scarabaeus. Most of the secondary characters have little history but sufficient personality which is all that is needed for this story as it rushes along.

Again, I think that in terms of prose, the author has a ways to go, but with such a wonderful voice & great characters she is one to follow and I'll definitely be piking up [b:Children of Scarabaeus|8435074|Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, #2)|Sara Creasy|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Prq%2BYvboL._SL75_.jpg|13298586]. It promises to be a rare treat!