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Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder 2.5

This is close to being my favorite Snyder book and I am very much looking forward to the next book,Outside In, coming January 2011.

Trella is just another scrub, one of the members of a futuristic society that is over-crowded and separated into two distinct classes. The uppers, who have their own apartments, families and easy jobs, and the scrubs who are forced to live in barracks and do all the hard labor. Trella hates this existence and holds herself apart from her fellow workers, hiding out in the pipes that she cleans. She keeps to herself and likes it that way until the day that she breaks one too many rules and puts her only friend in danger. She sets out on a mission to prove that everyone has been lied to and manipulated by those in power and the only way to do this is to enlist the help of everyone around her, including some surprising allies among the uppers. But the greatest surprise awaiting Trella is not the truth of her identity or parentage. It is not even whether or not she'll survive. It is the reality of where she is and where she is headed.


I liked the story. Not totally original, as the idea has been done before and I figured they were on a ship in space a ways before the characters, but I was still interested in this group of people and how they were going to handle this situation, so it was a good read. It had me hooked and that intensity, that need to finish is something I enjoy so much in a book.

I mostly liked the characters. The romance was too rushed. As usual, I wanted more actually getting to know the other person before getting together. *sigh*

So, for Snyder fans, likely a hit and even for those who have never read one of her books or were not a huge fan of them, I'd give this one a chance.