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Outside In - Maria V. Snyder Sequel and conclusion to Inside Out.

I liked the premise and on the whole the characters in the first volume, but in this one I grew tired of the dynamics between them and just wanted them to move on, esp. Trella and her mother. The romance was trite and seemed immature, very teenage angst. The politics had their place, but they too felt unrealistic. The aliens (former shipmates who had been kicked out for unspecified reasons) could have been played up much better and made into more convincing enemies. In fact, the backstory there was the most interesting thing about this entire book.

The characters fell flat for me, Trella was all over the place, although I did appreciate them emphasizing the point that she had to take on responsibility and some leadership now. Did not care for the romance, the politics and such bored when it should have intrigued, the villains were not compelling and when I just don't care, well, game over.

In my review of Inside Out, I wrote: I liked the story. Not totally original, as the idea has been done before and I figured they were on a ship in space a ways before the characters, but I was still interested in this group of people and how they were going to handle this situation, so it was a good read. It had me hooked and that intensity, that need to finish is something I enjoy so much in a book.

And that interest in these people, that need to finish and see what happened was totally lacking for me here, sadly.

Serious fans of Snyder's writing will still enjoy (esp. anyone who happily made it though the Glass series), but it was not for me and I am starting to think she just might not be an author for me.