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Reader and Raelynx - Sharon Shinn 2.5 - 3 stars

I would rate it three, but there were issues.

Many, but the only truly salient one was that all the characters that I used to love I truly grew to dislike or despise here and how awful is that? Mostly b/c of their various attitudes toward Amalie and Cammon, ranging from "Of course you cannot marry - he can only be an adviser" to "Well, Amalie, you have to marry properly for the good of the kingdom, but you can just have Cammon as a lover on the side." What the what?! No! What is wrong with all of them? Seriously, none of you have any morals or sense of integrity? At all? You are not the people I thought you were. None of you. And Senneth, it was all just so depressing. And I will not even try and describe the depth of my loathing and disbelief at the scene when Cammon helps "educate" poor Amalie about the male anatomy. Eww. Just, really? Nastiness.

So, lots to dislike. The few moments when it was not Cammon and Amalie and the good of the kingdomness scenes, I liked the group spirit and the spiritual sections, esp. after the inclusion of Eleanor. Amazing how different the A and C situation is in Fortune and Fate and why were you worried?! Horrid people. Yes, very displeased.

I did however truly like this section when Senneth and Tayse are talking:
"Oh, then I have to hope that is what happens," she whispered. "That you are ancient and demented and blind, and everyone despises you, and laughs at you behind your back, and cannot believe you have lived so long. But I will still love you. I will be glad to see you, every time your scowling face comes into view.

And I believe that of them. And I cannot of so many couples in modern literature, esp. YA romances, paranormal and otherwise. I just don't see them growing old together and caring about each other... Their relationships are so artificial, based on looks and excitement and nothing MORE. It is the ones you genuinely see knowing one another and being there for the other person and caring about them outside of any romantic involvement that you believe in and care about insanely and utterly.....