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The Throne of Fire - Rick Riordan 3.5 stars

Not bad. Plenty of action, finally they have awakened Ra, etc. Still, nothing has actually been solved and we have a ton to do and see in the conclusion next year.

Not as much devotion between Sadie and Carter as siblings other than two moments where it is suddenly, "Oh, yes. This is my sibling. Whom I care for deeply. See, because here I am doing something to save them or simply telling you I was deeply concerned." Maybe because they are supposed to be telling the story in front of each other we are not supposed to see a very emotional side and just the constant ribbing and insults, but it rings false when they are suddenly all concerned - like "Where is this coming from?!" And it shouldn't. I really wanted to see more of a family aspect (even how being separated as kids/ motherless/ father leaving Sadie behind really impacts them), but no. All we get is relationship angst as never before from Riordan. Which for Carter? He's nearly 15, so, yeah, first crush and all that. But Sadie? 12 going on 13 and gushing over Walt and Anubis. I don't care for these romantic entanglements, even less so when the characters are so young, when I feel like we have bigger concerns. I did like the new additions to the cast (Bes, Jaz, etc.) and cannot wait to see more of the gods and the final battle. A crossover moment with Manhattan?

Lastly, I had a hard time keeping Sadie and Carter's narrating voices straight - they really need to sound more distinct!