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I was better with that sort of ______ when George was alive because I had something to protect. She didn't like touching people, so I touched them for you. She didn't like emotional displays, so I took up the slack. Only without her around to give me an excuse, it was like I didn't even know where I was supposed to start.

We always figured she was the one whose emotional growth got stunted by the way we were raised. It was sort of weird to realize the damage extended to cover both of us.

Happy birthday, George. You made me better than I could ever been without you, and you hurt me worse than I could ever have been hurt by anyone else. S. M. June 20, 2041

Anybody who messes with Shaun is messing with me. And of the two of us, I swear, I am the one you do not want to mess with. He'll kill you. But I will make you sorry, and I will make you pay.
Georgia mason June 20, 2041


Wow, so many thoughts.

#1 - Um, squicky. She could have played Georgia and Shaun being, ew, lovers okay because they are NOT related. It could happen. In period novels, heck, the fostered cousins always fall in love with the son and all was merry. G & S aren't even related. So, whatever. However, because A) both characters have spent the entire first person narratives (which are not blogs are anything - just in their heads) consistently referring to the other exclusively and only as their sibling and never intimating anything else and B) Never, ever disclosing this relationship and trying to distance themselves from the sibling relationship. It is one or the other (or else it is indeed pretty horribly squicky and incestuous and I really, really don't want to go there) and for me it wouldn't have to be if the characters had been more forthright, even in their own minds. I can get why they might not want to go public given their parents and what-not, but really it would be far better than the lying and frankly, why not? At least be honest internally. And STOP referring to the other person as your brother/sister every single time. Just no. Nyet. I would have deeply, desperately preferred that had never, ever been in there given the way it was played out by an author whom I simply do not trust.

#2 - Clones. It had been discussed at great length with much verbiage and very logical, scientific arguments, but namely a clone will not have the same personality and an adult clone will not technically grow that fast nor would they look or sound the same (hello - twins?) and again is not the same person!. So, either wtf? Which is rather rude, so instead.... what next?

I mean, is Georgia a clone? If so, CHEATING. Or is she Georgia somehow revived because of the two, I can believe that more strongly. I want everyone on the team to live. Shaun and George to be bamf and reunited and to wreak havoc and have a happy ending. Likely? Yeah, I rather thought not.