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Across the Great Barrier - Patricia C. Wrede 3 - 3.5 stars

Excellent sequel/ middle story. Forward movement for Eff's character. She is growing up, deciding what she wants to do with her life, learning what she wants out of a relationship, continues to work on overcoming her low self-esteem and difficulties with magic. (Given how crucial those last two points were to her in the last book, I was glad they were not glossed over and were shown to have lasting effects.)

I like Eff. I really do. She still needs more spunk, but her determination and verve make her a sympathetic character and her love and loyalty to her family are nice to see, even when they act horribly.

I would like to see more of Eff with Lem - they are twins after all. And when will Lem learn that Eff is the one who saved/healed him? Maybe William will tell him in the next book? I feel like it is important that he knows that. What about Eff's dreams? About the silver thread? They seemed meaningful, so I hope to see them come into play later. And the pendant?

So, mirror bugs were defeated. This time there is a mysterious creature, the Medusa lizard, petrifying creatures (and I assume sucking out their magic) and I assume this may also figure in the third, possibly. It is largely a journey novel, with discovery and small adventures, culminating in the discovery and neutralization of the two Medusa lizards, though there are likely more out West. So, there is growth and movement, both narratively-speaking and in terms of all the characters, but we still have much to come in the third book, which I am genuinely looking forward to: The Far West!