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The Decoy Princess - Dawn Cook Read Fall 2011

I just did not enjoy it. It has some great elements, but nothing ever coalesced into an intriguing whole. The action is too fast, jumping right in without any understanding of this world. Which I'll admit sometimes works well, but not here.

The main character, Tess, finds out her life has been a lie when it is forced out that she is nothing but a decoy, a bait and switch for enemies of the crown, all because of some ridiculous Red Moon prophecy. She has to cleverly and magically (I mean that both sarcastically and literally) overcome all her opponents, namely scads of trained soldiers and an unstable nutjob from the neighboring kingdom who would really like this one. And before any of that remotely makes sense, we get dumped into the world of Players and Pieces, Pawns and movers, the real powers in this world, of which Tess is obviously a Vital part.

La, I say. I shan't be returning for the sequel.

(And I am ignoring the odd tension between Jek and Tess, and Duncan, entirely. It does not qualify for romance.)