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This is the sixth book in the series and yet there is still so much to learn about these characters and their world. Lee and Taro are still assigned to Flown Raven, still dealing with precarious politics and the ever-present threat of both the new Emperor (who seems to harbor plans for the Pair) and being caught out in their lies concerning their abilities.

It was nice to see Lee and Taro more settled in this book, after the stress and sheer mad-house quality of their last appearance. Still, nothing ever goes well for them for long, so this volume opens with Lee's family coming to visit in order to inform Lee that she was promised in marriage as a child to a business partner before she was discovered to be a Shield and is still being requested to carry through with the agreement. Lee flat out refuses, but Taro ends up in a contest with the other suitor for her hand in marriage which of course complicates their relationship.


I was pleased with the ending, but wished that it might have come about under different circumstances.

What is so special about Flown Raven? How about Lee and Taro? Is Taro special because he was born where the magic is returning the strongest? Why does everyone want FR so badly? Why is Lee having all these bad reactions? What was so significant about her losing weight? Will she ever have kids? Is Lee going to be important to the casters? Does Taro think Lee has undue influence over him? Because he never denied it. I wish Lee could show Taro how highly she thinks of him - that she could and would express that. How is the knowledge that they can create events and that Lee can cast going to come back at them? There is society, the Triple S and the Emperor to worry about....

So, vastly looking forward to the conclusion of this series with the seventh book.