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Clarity - Kim Harrington It was a simple, very easy, readable paranormal mystery that I felt had potential, but tripped over itself in terms of characters. In that I did not find them very likeable nor admirable.

The premise of a family of psychically gifted individuals living in a tourist town where a murder occurs and then they get dragged into helping solve the case, while one of them is a suspect, is fine. But given that Clarity's brother Perry is a serial one-night-stand sort of fellow, who happened to have sex with the murder suspect right before her death, thus making him a suspect and really causing all the main problems in this book, did not sit well with me. And then Clare's own love triangle, with the new police detective's son and her former boyfriend/son of the mayor, was tedious in the extreme. First of all, former boyfriend is former because he cheated on her, but wants to get back together. Really? The excuse is you did not mean to? Dump that loser.

So, sorry, I did not like it and don't recommend it.