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Wolfsbane - Patricia Briggs I liked this sequel, though the plot was rather too similar to the first for my taste. Good character interactions, though more time should have been spent flashing out the family, rather than just focusing on the villains, given that they are not complicated, but just straight-up evil or brainwashed. Not particularly compelling. But enjoyable bit of fantasy and I did really enjoy Aralorn, Wolf and Aralorn's uncle. (Speaking of him, should definitely have had more of the Fey magic and story here!)

And there are a lot of things left unexplained and up in the air, which is so very frustrating. What about the Dreamer? Wolf had been used by the Dreamer before? Why is this Dreamer never explained? What/who is he/it and its role in all this? He was controlling Nevyn, so why did Nevyn appear as Geoffrey? And the dreams themselves confused me - Did the Dreamer send Aralorn the true dreams? And if it was Nevyn, to what end did he disguise himself as Geoffrey, even to himself?

Does Wolf ever master his green magic? What happens to them? Did the Dreamer awaken in their lifetime?

I really liked Wolf's perspective after they are married - his reactions and just everything about those two was great. I was so hoping that she had written more about these two, even just a short story, but, alas.

I imagine Wolf and Aralorn are happily married with kids, yet still managing to get into trouble here and there, with Wolf healed and happy and Aralorn vivaciously alive and gloriously content. :)

Content: Violence, sexual abuse (by the villains), etc. For Mature readers. You have been forewarned.