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Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter "It seems as if you don't approve of the family business, Katarina." He shrugged. "Of of me. But these chances you take ... these things you do ... this is a dangerous life to live ... alone."
Uncle Eddie to Kat

After the Henley, Kat Bishop - thief and heist mastermind - could have done anything. Been anything. But she came back only to run away on her own private quest. And she is still running. But from what?

This one was about family. Identity. Losing your place. Choices. Limits. Power. Addiction. Balance. Trust. Kat has so much to learn; she is growing and finding out who she is and who she desires to be. The life of a criminal, however brilliant, was never what she wanted. But how can she walk away from that life completely? So she has to find and create her own place that balances neatly between the two. Yet it is even more precarious a position than being a simple thief and you certainly cannot survive in such a life alone....

Kat keeps pushing Hale away because she is afraid of what might happen if they were to ever become more than friends. Afraid of putting him in harm's way. She loves the high of getting away with a brilliant plan. She is dangerously drawn by the very life she wants to leave. She wants Hale's attention, but both fears it and is afraid that she can never have it. After all, why should a wealthy, handsome and charming heir like Hale be interested in a common thief? A girl whose life lies on a path so far removed from his world? One that likely ends in early death or prison? And even if he does care, can she allow him to run those risks with her?

I loved it! It was great to be back with familiar characters and have another clever adventure with them, yet very distinct from the first.

This series has a classic, almost 40's -50's feel. Timeless. Although they use modern technology, the books still have an atmosphere that does not date the book, which fascinates me. There is just tons of Rat Pack and Big Band music I associate with this book.

FLAW: Scene jumps, unclear as to whom is speaking in certain scenes and a great deal of confusion on my part over Eddie and Charlie and that situation. And the fact that Hale and Kat never finish any of their meaningful conversations. I would hope to see some resolution for some of those curtailed discussions of their relationship in the next book.

So, drama and mystery and the whole crazy cast back and still leaving me eager for more! There is still so much more to discover about Kat and Hale and their families, Gabrielle, Simon, Angus. Hamish, Uncle Eddie and the family and especially their world. Here is to many more adventures with them!

Oh, and I love all the names of the cons and how they discuss them amongst one another. And what about Taccone? Some personal danger for Kate? Yes, indeed.