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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I tried. And tried. And tried again. But alas, alack. Me and this book just could not find any middle ground.

The writing was not stellar, but it was not bad either. I would still gladly try a different series/ book by this author. But I got hung up on her presentation of the Greek myths and the deities as portrayed in her novel. The relationships and personalities were all askew and I just did not buy it, for a moment, that they were Apollo and Hades and Demeter, etc. I can accept and embrace retellings and reimaginings, and I love them. I love seeing a new twist and watching myths and legends continue to evolve and grow with each new version. But between the love triangle of angsty doom and Hera (HERA, of all the POSSIBLE options) being in love with Hades and killing all his potential brides/queens, I just could not accept it. And James and his love for Kate was irksome, at best. Hades seemed a pushover. You are Ruler of the Underworld. Come on! And the tests? Not exactly brilliant.

Also, the modern setting of Eden, as a fake town, was odd and did nothing for helping me get into the world of the story. The gods/goddesses seemed too modern, without a deeper core of age and history.

So, sorry for the vague rambling nature of this, but suffice to say I unfortunately did not enjoy this and will not read the rest of it, but will keep an eye out for other projects by Aimee Carter.