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The Calling - Kelley Armstrong 1.5 stars

Ugh. Talk about the middle-book curse. This was pretty awful. I did not even bother passing it along to my sister as it is utterly skippable after I related the pertinent plot points.

Helicopter pilot bad. Kids notice. Daniel knocks him out by accident. In the confusion Rafe falls out of the helicopter. Assumed dead. Maya has much angst and internal weeping for lost potential boyfriend and all the opportunities they shall now never have. And just as they were starting to Really get to know each other. Alas! Alack! If only she could have saved him!

Boring. So very boring. This goes on nearly 2/3 of book. All kids survive crash. Swim to mainland. Maya almost pulled under like Serena. Kids argue a lot about what to do, where to go, who to trust. Hayley and Nicole both get captured by the Edison Group/Nasts. Hayley voluntarily to save the others; Nicole by stupidity. Also, Nicole is obsessive and CRAZY, either by mental illness or side effect of the trial drugs or a combination. Regardless, she is obsessed with Daniel and will kill anyone she deems a potential threat to her, like ex-girlfriend Serena or his BFF Maya. Sam reveals this to Maya and it is confirmed later when Maya meets up with Nicole. Daniel and others do not yet know.

Kids all learn about SPN powers and genes. Still no clue as to what Corey is; Hayley, Nicole and Serena all blond, pretty, small, swimmers and singers. I am still going with Siren.

Maya transforms. Finds her biological father who is working with the people who want to capture them but claims he never wanted to give her up.

Kids' real parents still believe that they perished in copter crash. Kids finally get back home only to find the whole town deserted. Rafe, however, is there and very much alive. Maya goes all kissy-face on us. Really?! You think that is appropriate? Big surprise... He doublecrosses them. But not really b/c he was only doing it to save his sister Annie and he told Maya, so it is all cool. Riiiight.

Kids get away again thanks to cougar Maya and Rafe leaves with Nast/Group. Kids set out to find help.

Other tidbits. Mention of assets escaped from Project Genesis and death of Davidoff. Haha.

Sam's hard childhood.

Daniel was going to break up with Serena. Gee, I wonder why? Also wonder what he wanted Sam to shut up about so insistently at the end there? Maybe the fact that he has more than just friendly feelings for Maya? Maya, who is oblivious to said feelings and continues to be goo-goo for a boy that seems not one iota likeable, good, kind, considerate and whom when it comes down to it she simply does not really know? Ugh. I hope the third one is vastly better than this.

Also, I hope we get to see Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori soon!

Note: I would be just as happy with these characters as those from Darkest Powers if they were as likeable and for me they are simply not.

Content: kissing, a couple in the shower together, lesbian character, etc. You have been forewarned.