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Timothy and the Dragon's Gate - Adrienne Kress 2.5 stars

It was not bad, per se, but truth is I was not loving it either.

I had a hard time feeling like I knew or cared about Timothy. He has behavioral issues, some of which can be attributed to the neglect of his parents, lack of discipline and his own intelligence not being challenged or directed toward something meaningful. Still, I expected a little bit more exploration of those issues and resolution and all we get is a token dinner. Alex and Timothy's "friendship" is barely existent. At what point did they really become friends? Could they have in the time allotted and what they go through together? Absolutely! It could have been great. But did we get to see a convincing story of that happening? We did not. So I am left wondering where that went and why suddenly Timothy considers Alex his friend when I felt like he has never really spoken with her, tried to get to know her or really let her in. The jacket makes this to-do about how the story reveals a boy who uncovers his own ability to love, and opens his heart to the world around him which is something I felt the book really did fail to show and that I really wanted to see. I wanted to see Timothy look at the world differently. I wanted to see him make friends and care about them. I wanted to see Timothy care! To see him feel something other than apathy or disgust or irritated or annoyed. The only time I felt any genuine emotion was with Mr. Shen. That was it.

And while there is humor, I would not go so far as to say that this is a particularly witty book, nor would I claim it has "sparkling prose".

Everything else on the flapjacket is accurate.

I did like that this picks up precisely after ALEX, the very next day.

I would still be interested to read more in this series.