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The Rise of Renegade X - Chelsea M. Campbell I had heard about this book a few years before it was published through an acquaintance of the author's. I was psyched to finally get a chance to pick it up and while I mostly enjoyed the book, I had a few issues.

It is an inventive book, sure to be a hit with comic book fans and other aficionados of that medium of storytelling. The straight up superhero vs. supervillain plot wore for me and I wanted a little more depth and perspective. But the storyline and pacing,and dialogue were all decent. A sense of humor throughout that fits perfectly with the comic book world her characters inhabit and the tropes and cliches that come with that.

Characters: Half the time I cannot believe how awful they acted and why anyone was supposed to genuinely care about them. Damien did not frustrate me this way too often, but Gordon, Marianna, and Kat did every other time they were mentioned. Gordon is a horrible excuse for a father 90% of the book, refuses to believe Damien the one time he needs him to and, oh yes, he throw him off a building! But at least Gordon has some good moments. Damien's mother cannot even manage one moment of sincere affection for Damien in the whole book. Shooting Pete is as close as she gets and that was just as much for her benefit as Damien's. Marianna, who claims she loves her son, is just in love with herself and what she could become. She treats Damien like a possession and is all round horrid. It would take a lot to redeem her character. And Kat? Girl has got to get some help. Running around making out with any boy she comes across? Just no. And is it supposed to be okay because she was upset that Damien broke up with her? No. Just a lot of the characters did not come across well for me, and the other half, like Helen, Alex, and Amelia, were not developed enough.

There is also a lot of unresolved conflicts and plot points which will hopefully be addressed and resolved in a sequel.

Content Advisory: Sensuality (making out sessions, etc.), sexual content, violence (duh), etc. You have been forewarned.