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Dark. Vulgar. Crude. The casual and trite mention of pornography, sex, friends with benefits, pansexuality, etc. is frequent and incessant. That stands for the previous three books as well.Yes. You have mentioned it. Check. I do not require a reminded every single chapter. Violence and death is rampant. I do feel as if the core of the books - two brothers willing to do anything for one another - one of them fighting against himself, struggling with inner demons (quite literally often here), striving for a measure of humanity - has some worth. However, it is sadly obscured underneath pages of drivel and muck so I really do not recommend it and only ever for mature adult readers.

I am somewhat interested to see where they take this series. Some character development as we finally get to see some of Nik's perspective since he gets some POV chapters here.

Family - it can be the making of you or the breaking of you. If it had only been me as a child with Sophia, with no one to protect, to stand with, to share that cold empty life... Sophia could have been the breaking of me. Cal .. Cal had been the making of me.

So, backstory. You realize Nik was handed Cal at the age of 4 and he had to figure out how to raise him and survive all on his own at the age of 4. I find that somewhat too young to be entirely plausible, but okay.

So, the Auphe are pretty much gone. Or so we think. So, now it is about subduing Cal's monster half? Cal is so very convinced of his own evilness, his monstrosity. So terribly sure he can never be anything else. I would like to see him have some hope. To move on. To see that he can be more than he believes.

He exhibits loyalty. Love for his brother. Friendship. Giving up a girl he loves to save her. These set him apart from the monsters that made him like nothing else. When will he understand that ?

Content: language, mention of porn, sex, sexual references, etc. You have been warned.