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Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce 2.5 stars

An original take on the "Little Red Riding Hood" tale, though it is more of a reimagining and continuation of the story than a retelling. The original fairytale event is just barely seen in the beginning and then we skip ahead several years. Scarlet and Rosie, the little girls whose grandma was killed by a wolf who came to the door, hunt the Fenris, the men turned monster-wolf, the same creature that killed their grandma and very nearly killed them. Scarlet protected her little sister when they were attacked and in so doing was brutally scarred and lost an eye. Her face marred and her life forever changed, Scarlet is left with an unquenchable desire to hunt the Fenris and keep them from destroying other people's lives. Rosie, while a competent hunter, does not share her sister's passion for the hunt and longs for a normal, apple-pie life. But she owes Scarlet her life and if this is what Scarlet wants from her, then let's go hunt some psycho wolfmen.

Enter Silas, son of the woodsman. Longtime hunting partner of Scarlet's and her only friend. He is newly arrived in town after a year away. He and Rosie soon strike up a mutual attraction which they hide from Scarlet. (Because that would never cause problems down the road.)

They discover that the Fenris are on the hunt themselves for a potential, a man who can be turned into a Fenris within a specific window of time. They all head off to Atlanta together to find this Potential first and use him as bait to take out more Fenris than ever before.
(At this point, I figured that Silas was the Potential; he had just had his 21st birthday, the vacation as a kid, the fact the Fenris had been in town at same time, the big family. A little obvious.)

Of course, Scarlet finds out about Rosie and Silas, how they have been skipping on searching for the Potential and hunting Fenris just so they can play kissyface and try and do 'normal' things. Silas is supposed to be Scarlet's partner, not her little sister's boyfriend. (Also, Rosie is 16 and Silas 21 - that may have contributed.) Feeling betrayed by them both, by their lack of dedication to her cause, she runs off, leaving Rosie distraught and frantic to find her sister. This only leads to the Fenris capturing Rosie and using her as bait to get the Potential, Silas. Yeah, saw that coming.

For me, the predictability of these things would not have been a huge problem if I had loved the characters. Alas, I did not. They never came alive for me. No spark, no verve. More than half the time I was irritated by one or another of them. Rosie complains, Scarlet is so singularly focused and pushes everyone too hard, and Silas just held zero interest for me (which I found strange since I liked Pearce's last main guy quite a bit). This time, Silas held no interest as a character or as a romantic lead. He and Rosie had no chemistry. I just felt like I should have liked it better, with the awesome girl hunters, the sisters, etc. But none of these elements played out right for me.

With no connection to the characters, I was a tad bored with this. A most interesting idea, so I am not averse to picking up Sweetly next year to see how Pearce develops this world.