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Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien 2010 Debut Author Challenge

The setting was extremely visual and sharp for me because it was familiar. Set in the Lake Superior region of the United State's upper midwest, it was heartrending to envision a place so beautiful destroyed and become this broken, desolate sight of the unlake as it exists in the story. That image alone, of Superior, one of my favorite spots in the world, ruined, was haunting me throughout the story and lent an immediate air of sorrow and loss to the story. This intense connection to the setting overshadowed the plot and characters until half way into the book when Gaia and Leon and the society of the Enclave really began to take shape.

Characters: They were realistic and developed, but it definitely feels like the beginning of their story.

Plot: There is a lot of urgency, outrage, fear, guilt, betrayal, idealism, and courage. Lot of heavy emotional pulls throughout the story, but many are left unresolved.

Ending: There is simply not enough resolution. Where is the Dead Forest? Does it truly exist? Is Leon alive? Will he find Gaia? Does the Enclave fall/reform? Is the world healing yet? Isn’t hemophilia a male inherited disease? And the inbreeding? Duh. The Enclave also had to be incredibly short sighted not to keep records.