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The Sweetest Spell - Suzanne Selfors *phew* That was a rather exhausting book and very hard to sympathize with these characters
The biggest problem was that the main plot revolves around magical chocolate... Yep, magic chocolate and the special powers granted to a young girl left to die as an infant on the edge of the woods and saved by a few cows who grant her these special powers from an ancient agreement with the cow goddess
No one else knows how to make chocolate. Apparently, it is not cocoa beans and all
Just regular milk and magic. Which was weird to try and understand why? Why make "chocolate" magic and have nothing to do with chocolate as we know it?

And then there was the romance. Sort of. We know our lead guy dallies with the local lasses. His mother had to stop him from "rolling" the milkmaids in the hay, if you get the drift, and he has made it clear that a stellar character is not his. So why should we wish for him to get together with the winsome and hapless cow lass? Well, we don't. So watching them moon after each other is not exactly fun. And then they still end up together.

For me, I just did not like the characters, the plot, the world (though I liked the twist of the queen actually being descended from the Kells) and would not recommend it.