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Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs 3.5 stars

"Go home, Fideal," Zee said. "And leave this one. Leave my child alone and your blood will not feed my sword."

I love Zee and Mercy's relationship and it is never more plain how Zee sees her, no matter what he says or will not say the rest of the time than here, defending her against one of his people, when he calls her his child.

"So," I said, still looking at the smoking stick. "Are you still mad at me?"

Zee's jaw stiffened. "I want you to know this. I would rather have died in that cell than have you suffer that mad man's attack."

"Killing Mercy would be a mistake," he growled. "My da had Mercy raised in our pack and he couldn't love Mercy more if she were his daughter. For her he would declare open war with the fae and damned be the consequences. You can call him and ask if you doubt my word."

I'd expected Samuel to defend me - and the fae could not afford to hurt the son of the Marrok, not unless the stakes were a lot higher. I'd counted on that to keep Samuel safe or I'd have found some way to keep him out of it. But the Marrok...
I'd always thought I was an annoyance, the only one Bran couldn't count on for instant obedience. He'd been protective, still was - but his protective instinct was one of the things that made him dominant. I'd thought I was just one more person he had to take care of. But it was impossible to doubt the truth in Samuel's voice as it was to believe that he'd be mistaken about Bran.

I love that Mercy gets to realize that how she viewed Bran and how she thought he viewed her has been skewed. She is still learning and finding her place and I loved that she got to see this. Even amidst all the horrible things that happen to her, both of her current father/protector figures make it clear how loved she is. Which she really needed. More so than the romantic entanglements she had to figure out here. Because she is defined as much by these other relationships and I like that the series always acknowledges this. Her friends, her proteges, and her family, chosen and given both.

Zee and Tad. Great storyline and further development of them. I cannot believe that their first meeting Mercy happens off-stage in the series and only shows up in the graphic novel!

Ben is really developing as a character. I went from hating him in book one to realizing that there is a great deal more to his character and story here. More development of Ben, please! Especially want to see him interact with Mercy, but interaction in general would be great. With Adam and Warren too. What really happened in London? Will we ever know?

So, why aren't Samuel and Charles closer? Or at least that we get to see or hear? Always more about Bran and his sons :)

I am so glad that they resolved the love triangle and made it clear that you can be attracted to someone but notlove them or wish to marry them. Sam was never the right person for Mercy.

*shudders* Poor Mercy. Thankfully the abuse takes place mostly off-page.

So, this series continues to get better. This is admittedly the darkest book and the most disturbing, so do be aware of that going in.

Content: Murder, rape, etc. The attack mostly takes place off-page.