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The Rising
Kelley Armstrong
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There
Ana Juan, Catherynne M. Valente
The Mark of Athena
Rick Riordan
Princess of the Silver Woods
Jessica Day George
The Serpent's Shadow
Rick Riordan
The Demigod Diaries
Rick Riordan
Marissa Meyer
Curse of the Thirteenth Fey: The True Tale of Sleeping Beauty
Jane Yolen
The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie
William Joyce
Perfect Scoundrels
Ally Carter
Happily Ever After - Garth Nix, Michael Cadnum, Karen Joy Fowler, Paul Di Filippo, Gregory Maguire, Bill Willingham, Jane Yolen, Michelle Sagara West, Peter Straub, Charles de Lint, Susanna Clarke, Esther M. Friesner, Theodora Goss, K. Tempest Bradford, Leslie What, Alan Rodgers, Jim C. Hine As it is with so many anthologies, there is good, enjoyable, bad and those oh-so-special "Where is the bleach so I can get this story out of my mind?" stories. This was an "adult" fairytale anthology and it most certainly is not all about the HEA ending. Most of them are dark and depressing, with an unwelcome and heavy dose of sexually explicit content. Sexual sin and encounters were a staple of classic fairytales but they never felt the need to graphically detail those encounters. *shudders*

Truly, the more "adult" books I read, the less I respect them. They remind me of those awful fanfiction stories that are only about sex and nothing else. That is not STORY. It is not literature. And I don't want to read it.

That said, these few were readable:(if their novels are similar, I would not mind picking a few up)

The Seven Stage a Comeback by Gregory Maguire
And in Their Glad Rags by Genevieve Valentine
The Emperor's New (And Improved) Clothes by Leslie What
Black Feather by K. Tempest Bradford

Fifi's Tale by Alan Rodgers
The Faery Handbag by Kelly Link
Hansel's Eyes by Garth Nix
Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen

The Rose Garden by Michelle West
The Price by Patricia Briggs