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Stargate Atlantis: Death Game - Jo Graham One of the better installments in Fandemonium's SGA series, the story is interesting, though with very little team interaction, and no significant character development. Ronan and Radek are stuck off somewhere together, while John and Teyla are being held captive by a people that serve wraith as their king and nobility and present them with Tribute from their Death Games, while Lorne, Cadman, Rodney and sundry others attempt to find and rescue them all. The storyline was serviceable, but not really very exciting. Bland was my overall feeling. I hope the SGA: Homecoming series is much better in both plot, characters and writing.

One interesting note (though they did not seem to serve any logical purpose within the confines of the story) were the stories told by each character to the other. Some interesting insights, esp, for John and Teyla.