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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I liked Mercy from the get-go, which is always a positive sign. I was less sure of Adam, the local Pack, Samuel (and their complicated history and the ominous signs of a love triangle) and wished for a more solid introduction for some of the characters, all of which happened years ago. But I liked the writing and enjoyed the story, so I will definitely be continuing the series:)

Reread Feb. 2013

I don't like lies. Not even lies of omission. Hard truths can be dealt with, triumphed over, but lies will destroy your soul.

Adam has a picture of Mercy in his bedroom.

Adam declared Mercy his mate before the pack. Supposedly just to protect her. Was this before his divorce? Because she came to town before he got divorced, so when did that take place? She came to town roughly ten years ago and he got divorced seven years ago? I'll have to see if there is a timeline of this somewhere.

Ben saves Mercy and Adam, but Mercy hates him. He was not responsible for the rapes in London, but they stopped when he came to America. Adam says that he was not guilty. Will we ever learn then why that was? What the heck was going on in London? And that would have been Arthur's territory, no?