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River Marked - Patricia Briggs A great addition to the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy and Adam finally get married and head off on their honeymoon. Of course, their honeymoon is manipulated to place them smack-dab in the center of a magical maelstrom.

Mercy and Adam both learn a lot about how they need to learn to be a married couple and have some really nice moments together. Mercy learns about her birth father and a bit more of her heritage. Another paranormal/spirit myth is delved into a bit.

All in all, a good read and Briggs shows no signs of flagging or weakening as she continues to delight with the adventures of her amazing cast of characters and their fascinating world.

Note: Will we ever see Anna and Mercy together, talking? What do they think of each other? Esp. as Mercy is not very close to Charles at all and even a bit scared of him? Why so much more so than Samuel?

I did miss seeing many of our favorite supporting cast, like Zee, Warren, Samuel (Ariana too! What is going on with them?), stefan, Ben, etc. I hope we get lots of interaction with all of them in book 7!

Content: sex and sexuality (on both counts it is a married couple). You have been forewarned.

Reread February 2013

Mercy's evolution from an outsider, alone and hiding to a very beloved mate, pack, friend to Zee, Stefan, etc. She is protected and cherished amd she knows it. She is continually learning.

Mercy is loyal. She may indeed be the weakest physically, but she has the will and tenacity to make up for it and a well-formed moral conscience.

It was nice to see Adam and Mercy's wedding. True or exaggeration, I liked how Zee and Bran fought a bit over who would give Mercy away. They both feel so strongly for her as a daughter!

"Zee wanted to have the honor of giving you away," said Bran .... "But I had prior claim."
"They argued for a good while," Samuel whispered.

Ben? Not really much here, but what little we did see?

"My sisters are off-limits," I reminded him. A flash of hurt came and went on his face.

Given Ben's personality, he would not have cared at all if he did not value Mercy's opinion/regard.

Adam pushed his way through the pack and ruffled Ben's hair as he went by him. "Behave, Ben."
The Ben I'd first met would have snarled and pulled away from the affectionate scold. This one grinned at me, and said, "Not if I can help it, I won't," to Adam.

Mercy getting to learn more about her father and who she is. Very important to her.