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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, Part 1 - Gene Luen Yang, Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Gurihiru It was nice to be back with Aang and the gang. The art style retains a very similar style to that of the tv series.

Set after the events of the finale in season three. Zuko and Aang plan to remove the Fire Nation colonies to restore harmony between the nations. However, over the decades, the Earth Kingdom citizens and Fire Nation colonials have intermarried, forged relationships and have no desire to be uprooted or exiled. The years have changed the dynamics. Still, despite that, there are factions on both sides determined to reclaim the Earth Kingdom's land and send the invader's packing.

Iroh decided to stay on in the Earth Kingdom and runs the Jasmine Dragon, his tea shop.

Aang and Katara are now a couple.

Zuko makes Aang promise to kill him if he ever starts to turn into his father, a concern that has been haunting him since recently visiting him in prison. He worries that the legacy of his blood might have to end with him. Aang promises very reluctantly to do so.

Skip to one full year later:

Zuko is not sleeping. He feels that there is someone there with him. There have been five attempts to kill him since he has taken the throne. He has to have guards while he sleeps and at this point is becoming paranoid.

In this case, Zuko is not overreacting. He is attacked by a masked girl accusing him of betraying his people. He defeats her and it is revealed that she is the Kori, the daughter of the mayor of Yu Dao, the first of the Fire Nation colonies. Kori's father may be a Fire Nation citizen, but her mother is of the Earth Kingdom.

She tells Zuko that his father would never have engaged in this plan, allowing the Earth Kingdom and the Avatar to intimidate Zuko into agreeing to this plan, no matter how detrimental it is to the Fire Nation citizens.

Zuko keeps visiting his father trying to get him to tell him where his mother is. And Ozai keeps messing with him, dangling the truth just out of reach, taunting him, preying on Zuko's fears and worries.

Toph meanwhile has started a metal-bending academy, but so far her three students are abysmal. They each have very distinct, over-emotive personalities.

Roku insists that Aang should keep his promise and kill Zuko since he has reneged on his promise to support the removal of the F. N. colonies. Roku says that this is an example of his relationship with Sozin. They had been close friends and Roku had many opportunities to end him, but he did not and Sozin plunged the whole world into one hundred years of war. Aang resists the idea. He wants to talk it through with Zuko first.

Smeller-bee, Sneers (sp?) and Long-Shot are among the protestors outside Yo Dao.

I hated that Zuko was at odds with the gang. So determined not to become his father but listening to his poisonous words. Desperate to do right by his people but unable to communicate why uprooting the colony is wrong.

Aang gets so upset that Zuko's men attacked them (supposedly on Zuko's orders) and then that Zuko physically stopped Katara and would not allow her to go after his soldier.

After Zuko tries to explain why Yu Dao and the remaining older colinies should remain. Aang insists that the four nations must be separate. Katara reminds them the Earth King should be part of whatever choice comes next.

When Toph explains "oogie" :)

Zuko is not talking to Mai nor explaining what he is thinking/feeling. Still, Mai knows that he has not been sleeping so she invites the Kyoshi warriors to guard him, including Ty Lee and Suki.

It ends with Aang and the others off to set up a meeting with the Earth King and Zuko going off to the prison to ask Ozai for advice.

But why did they have to have Zuko go bad again?