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Sylvester - Georgette Heyer

I liked this fine, up to the point of two specific issues.

1) It is repulsive how men are allowed to be considered morally upright and also keep mistresses, have affairs, etc. It is regarded as justifiable. And yet a woman so much as spends an hour in the company of someone who is considered disgraced and she could be "ruined" forever. Seriously? Why is society so utterly blind?

2) If you are so sure this man is going to move on and find some new lady to seduce/use and thatt is why you are in such a hurry to enact your plan, why not just leave the man? I want to like Sylvester, but he is a cad and her opinion of him does not elevate mine. You expect him to move on. Why would you want to entrust yourself to him? What makes him trustworthy? Honorable? Argh. I just remember being really frustrated.